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Progression Training provides high quality training across Wales and the UK, specialising in Health & Social Care.


Caring for the environment is very important to us at Progression Training. We believe taking care of the environment should not be seen as an additional burden but rather an integrated part of everyday life. We therefore want to lead by example and raise awareness amongst our learners of environmental issues.

Here are some of the actions we take to look after the environment:

  • We have measured our carbon footprint and offset this by planting some trees in Kenya. This means that for every CO2 emission from the fuel we use, we put that amount of oxygen back into the environment
  • We try to meet learners in the same geographical area together to cut down on the driving we do
  • We recycle everything we can in our offices
  • We use e-mail as much as possible to cut down on paper
  • We have lots of examples where we have successfully encouraged learners to take more care of the environment