The new Health and Social Care Qualification has 2 elements

Health and Social Care: Core – The knowledge Element
Health and Social Care: Practice – The practical Element

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Health and Social Care: Core

The Core qualification will provide a through introduction to the principles, values and knowledge needed to work in Health and Social Care sectors with Adults and Children and Young People. The content for this qualification includes the following themes;

-Principles and Values (Adults or CYP)
-Health and Wellbeing (Adults or CYP)
-Professional Practice
-Health and Safety

Following a period of learning the learner must then undertake formal internal assessment. This is in the form of three case studies.

Following internal assessment, the learner must then take one externally marked multiple choice question.

Health and Social Care: Practice

This qualification is practice-based and assesses learners’ knowledge and competence to practice in employment or a work placement.

This qualification contains both mandatory and optional units. The learner is required to carrying out a series of Tasks that are internally assessed in the workplace. At the end of the qualification the learner is required to have a discussion with their Assessor before confirmation of assessment can be made.

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What we expect from employers;

Whilst the Practice qualification is delivered in the workplace you can see that the Core qualification requires a different method of delivery. There needs to be a satisfactory period of teaching and learning, carried out in workshops, before the learner can be deemed Ready for Assessment. Both the Internal and External assessments must be carried out in a Controlled Environment.

We anticipate that the Core will be delivered in 6 months, in line with Social Care Wales’ registration requirements

Managers role in new qualifications;

The manager must work with the training advisor to determine whether a learner is Ready for Assessments.

The internal and external assessments are pre-booked at a location approved by us based on City and Guilds requirements. Managers must help arrange adequate time for this to take place and ensure Learners attend. If a suitable location cannot be provided, then Learners will need to attend the nearest assessment centre that we have arranged.

The manager must be involved with all the Task setting and planning for the Practice qualification. They must work with the Learner and the Assessor to agree when the learner is ready for Assessment to be carried out.